Our Work

At Happy Hearts Association, our mission is clear: to empower young mothers and individuals facing adversity to overcome the challenges of poverty and degradation.

Happy Hearts Association empowers young mothers and those facing adversity through skill training, sustainable employment, education support, and collaborative initiatives, all underpinned by transparency and unwavering support.

01. The Funland Project

Empowerment through Fun and Education: Crafting Brighter Futures

Creating employment and financial opportunities for our beneficiaries

Profits from Funland would help fund:

+ Courses and Programs for Beneficiaries
+ Running cost for the park
+ Salaries for benefeciaries
+ Equipment for beneficiaries
+ External Projects

Fun Land would be a vibrant nexus of knowledge and excitement, weaving together the magic of immersive adventures to uplift those we serve. Our transformative three-month program immerses participants in essential disciplines such as marketing, management, and accounting, arming them with the skill set necessary for entrepreneurial triumph. When you step into Fun Land, you're not just seeking joy; you're also becoming a vital catalyst for the advancement of our beneficiaries. All earnings are plowed back into meaningful community initiatives, propelling us towards a shared future where joy, learning, and empowerment unite, cultivating a more radiant and enriching world for everyone.

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With your support we would be able to make Funland a reality

02. Empowerment Opportunities

Creating Jobs that lead to Self-sustainability.

Training for our beneficiaries to become independent.

Courses and Training

+ Hair styling and Beauty Services
+ Artisan Jewelry Crafting
+ Fashion Design and Tailoring
+ Artistic Glass Engraving
+ Ceramic Arts and Pottery
+ Beekeeping
+ Poultry and Aquaculture farming
+ Artisanal Baking

Enterprise Training: We offer specialized training in the enterprise of their choice, ensuring they acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in their new ventures.

Self-Sufficiency: Our projects provide employment and responsibility to single mothers, enabling them to operate their own enterprises. By being self-sufficient, they can break free from the cycle of poverty.

Sustainable Livelihood:
The benefits generated by their enterprises will not only support their own livelihood but also contribute to their children's education. We firmly believe that education is the key to unlocking a brighter future.

Holistic Support: Happy Hearts Association extends its support to orphans, providing food, clothing, and schooling through our collaboration with orphanages. When orphans turn 18 and leave the orphanage, we integrate them into our micro projects, offering them a path to independence.

Strengthening Families: Street children find new homes with caring host families, while Happy Hearts Association provides support with room and board. This nurturing environment allows them to grow in stability and security.

Collaborative Spirit:
Each activity is designed to foster cooperation among participants. Together, they can share experiences, face challenges, and work towards mutual success.

03. Plan for Mothers

Our Plan for Mothers in our Program

The Happy Hearts program is a beacon of hope for young women and mothers, illuminating a path towards empowerment and self-reliance. Through our diverse handcraft training programs, participants cultivate not only their creative talents but also their inner strength and resilience. By joining the Funland team, they become part of a supportive community that fosters personal and professional growth.

Our ultimate vision is to equip these remarkable women with not just skills, but also the confidence to shape their destinies and secure a prosperous future for themselves and their children. As they embark on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment, they inspire us all to believe in the transformative power of opportunity and compassion. Together, we're forging a world where Happy Hearts lead to brighter futures.

04. Plan for Orphans

Our Plan for Orphans in our Program

We would provide a supportive haven for orphans turning 18, guiding them from orphanage to our Fun Land program for a structured path to independence. Through hands-on experience, they gain skills and confidence, enabling their active participation in our ventures. Our mission shields them from poverty's challenges, while extending care to street children through loving host families, covering education and essentials. We're committed to nurturing potential and fostering a society that empowers its most vulnerable. Join us in creating a future where every young life finds hope, dignity, and belonging through education, skill-building, and unwavering support.