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Gladys's Determination: A Quest for a Brighter Future

Gladys Afra Dwobens

In the heart of a modest single-room dwelling, Gladys weaves a tale of unwavering determination. Armed with a primary education, she shares her life with her two children and her mother, who offer a helping hand when it comes to meals and the joys of family. However, Gladys had been anticipating government assistance to help secure a better life for her family.

Regrettably, the assistance she eagerly awaited proved elusive. Over the span of nine months, she received just a solitary payment of 300 Ghanaian cedis, equivalent to less than fifty cents per day. The program, initiated during the elections, had since halted its disbursements, leaving many, including Gladys, in a state of uncertainty. This pause in payments had also affected various public servants, including teachers and police officers, who had not received their salaries for several months.

Gladys faces additional challenges due to her handicap, which makes extensive work a daunting prospect. However, her spirit remains undaunted, and her aspirations are as boundless as the sky. She dreams of securing meaningful employment that can not only support her children but also offer them a decent quality of life. Her ultimate goal is to provide her children with the opportunity to attend school, for she believes that education is the key to a brighter future.

One potential avenue for Gladys is pursuing a cashier role, a path that aligns with her skills and capabilities. The Happy Hearts Association stands firmly committed to promoting employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities whenever feasible.

Gladys's story is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. It's a story of resilience in the face of adversity, a journey filled with hope and determination. Together, let's support Gladys on her quest for meaningful employment and a future where her children can thrive and dream, knowing that they are cherished and supported by a community that believes in their potential.

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